National Clean Up Your Computer Month


The first month of the new year is the perfect time to revamp your routines.  Week one finds millions of Americans celebrating Diet Resolution Week, during which folks clean out their refrigerators and cupboards only to focus on healthier types of foods.  January is also a month marked by national celebrations to be on-purpose, improve quality of life, and engage in a more fit lifestyle.  Isn’t it time you included your computer in this mix of starting anew each January?

Consider the amount of time you spend searching, saving, bookmarking and browsing online in search of clever tips to carry out these turnarounds (like you’re doing now!).  Perhaps you’ve never really thought of cleaning up your computer just as you would your filing cabinet, hard-to-open junk drawer, or clothes closet. Or maybe you were just uncertain as to where you might start or how to do it? No problem! SpecterWeb outlines easy-to-read instructions on how to do the following:

  • Run Disk Cleanup (frees up space on your hard drive)
  • Defragment Your Disk Drive1 (aka “defrag”; reorganizes your files so they open faster)
  • Backup Your Hard Drive (prevents data loss and damage caused by disk failures, power outages, virus infections and other damaging events)
  • Update Your Desktop (your eyes will thank you for this one!)
  • Plus tips on checking for software updates, removing old files, and cleaning your equipment.

Glean additional tips on securing your computer and optimizing2 your settings.  Even though the terminology and processes might be new to you, you’ll gain insight into the types of things that are important to know as a computer user and owner.

Happy New Year!

1 You may not need to defrag if you are a Mac user.

2 You probably won’t need to optimize at all if you use Mac OSX.

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