Life Hacks

The old saw is that technology is going to make our work easier, our tasks quicker, and our lives more productive. But oftentimes it feels like we are getting caught in a relentless crunch of innovation.  Between checking our email, our voice mail and text messages on our computers, laptops, PDAs and phones it’s easy to wonder if we are indeed becoming more productive.

Enter the life hack. A life hack is a tip or trick that cuts through the techno-clutter, simplifying the tasks that seem to be complicating your life. Often, these hacks are technological in nature such as a useful web appplication, but surprisingly, some have a anti-technological flavor to them, such as the hipster PDA (a deck of index cards held together with a binder clip).

Here are three great sources for interesting life hacks. 

Lifehacker: “Tech tricks, tips and downloads for getting things done”.

43Folders: The weblog of tips and tricks from the originator of the term “lifehack”. “Daily digest and pointers on productivity, getting things done and lifehacks.”

All three websites are now buzzing with talk of New Year’s resolutions.

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