Unclaimed Property

Did you know the Louisiana Department of the Treasury has over $200 million dollars in unclaimed property? Unclaimed property is money that an individual or company is owed which was not collected, often due to a change of address.

This unclaimed property comes from a variety of sources, such as oil and gas royalty payments, utility deposits, and overpayments on accounts. The Department of the Treasury maintains a database of this unclaimed property.

Checking to see if you have unclaimed property is simple. Go to the Department of Treasury Unclaimed Property website. You can search by your name and by previous addresses. If you find your name listed, fill out the claim form and you’re on your way to getting what is rightfully yours! Happy hunting!

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  1. The address for this site has been changed since this blog post was first published. Thanks for letting us know, it is now updated with the current address. Happy hunting!

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