Introducing the New Overdrive!

If you go to our Overdrive site to look for eBooks and audiobooks, you’ll notice things look a little different. There are some great new enhancements to tell you about.

First of all you’ll notice the new layout and changes to the search options that makes finding the book you want easier. Next there is now ‘One-Step Checkout’ which means no longer adding books to your eBookbag then choosing your loan period, and then confirming checkout.  One click and the book is checked out!

Overdrive ReadThe feature I’m most excited about it called Overdrive Read. This means when you check out an eBook in the Overdrive Read format, that you can read it right away through the browser on your device. You won’t need to download it, just start reading. Bookmark the page that opens up and the title is automatically saved for offline reading!

To find out more about Overdrive Read and to see which devices are compatible (hint: most are!) visit our Overdrive Read Guide. If you’d like to find out more please call us at 231-3750.

eBR OverDrive Collection

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