The Year of Financial Literacy

The new year is a time for reflection. A time to make many resolutions, and possibly even to keep some, even if you simply promise yourself that this year you will put less pressure on yourself to be a totally different person because your new “Birds of Geographic Regions” calendar told you to.

Unfortunately, it is definitely a time to start getting real about paying off your student debt. The library can help you figure it out!

Come to one of our “20somethings Financial Literacy: Graduating with Student Debt and Building Credit” programs at the Greenwell SpringsĀ Branch, featuring Bennett Blackledge from Gulf Coast Bank! Presentations will be held Monday, January 11th, from 7:00-8:30, and again on Tuesday, the 19th, at the same time.

2015-12-29 15_31_05-Financial Literacy

2015-12-29 15_31_46-Financial Literacy


If you can’t make the presentation or you want more info, use your library card to log into our Financial Literacy database. It’s got everything from basic money management tutorials to lessons on how the economy actually works.

Go forth and save money!

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