Introduction to Scratch

“What’s Scratch,” you ask? “Why would I want to be introduced to a verb?”

Silly patrons. Scratch is a free program created by MIT to teach teenagers and young people the basics of computer coding. You can create your own interactive, animated stories and games, and get feedback from other members of the Scratch community.

2016-01-08 11_28_54-Scratch - Imagine, Program, Share
Instructive and adorable.

Teens can come to the Greenwell Springs Regional Branch on Saturday, January 23rd, from 2-4, where the friendly neighborhood librarians will have laptops and the program set up for you to test drive.

And after you’ve done that, and it’s whetted your appetite for programming languages, get yourself signed up with a Treehouse account and learn all kinds of code!

One day computers will be able to make us sandwiches and do our chores for us, but only if we have the courage to dream, and the wisdom to learn how to tell them what to do. I want to go there. To the better-place world.

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