Learn a New Language!

For most of January, we’ve been focusing on things you can learn to make your life better. What’s better than new friends from other cultures? Learn a new language and start making friends everywhere you go!

2016-01-07 17_06_50-www.ebrpl.com_2048_login_dest=mango&url=http___connect.mangolanguages.com_east-bMango – Learn enough of any of seventy-one languages from ASL to Yiddish to travel the world! Take part in online guided conversations to learn how to communicate about different aspects of several cultures.

2016-01-07 17_07_21-East Baton Rouge Parish LibraryPronunciator – With eighty language options and more formalized instruction, this is probably the best way to completely learn a new language. Pronunciator and Mango both have apps, so you can take them with you wherever you go!

2016-01-07 17_08_32-Muzzy OnlineMuzzy – Eight languages geared towards kids. Learning a language in childhood may make it easier to learn more languages as an adult, because science, so get your kid started today! This site also has games, so if you need a break from vocab drills, this is a great place to get it.

2016-01-07 17_07_39-Signing Savvy _ ASL Sign Language Video DictionarySigning Savvy – This site is intended to supplement an in-person course, like the classes offered by the Louisiana School for the Deaf. The gifs and short videos are a great way to expand your vocabulary once you’ve gotten a grounding in the basics.

There are a few Gale Courses, too! You can even check out the library’s Community Information Database to find groups that offer free classes or opportunities to practice with native speakers. Which new language would you like to learn this year?

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