EBR Master Gardeners February 2024

The East Baton Rouge Master Gardeners is excited to open its Library series on Thursday, February 1 at 6:30 p.m. at the Main Library at Goodwood with two exceptional programs, “Growing Tomatoes,” and “We are Being Invaded.”

Everyone loves homegrown tomatoes, don’t they? One of EBRMG’s newest Master Gardeners, Tony Bourgeois, will share with you many of the things he has learned about growing them. Learn about the varieties that succeed and some of the secrets he uses to help them grow and produce more luscious fruit, as well as how to avoid the many problems commonly experienced in growing tomatoes.

The second program, “We are Being Invaded,” will be presented by Master Gardener Floyd Sones. There are many invasive species trying to take over your garden. Many of these have a very destructive impact on our native plants. Floyd will identify these invaders for you and tell you how to prevent or control them

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