New Years Resolutions Digital Deep Dive

Take an online course through the Digital Library and discover something fresh and inspiring in 2024! Explore these offerings and more at here. Try a six-week, instructor-led class through

Gale Courses:

  • Get Assertive!
  • Introduction to Journaling
  • Lose Weight and Keep it Off
  • Mastering Public Speaking
  • Where Does All My Money Go?

These LinkedIn Learning courses are available on-demand:

  • Happiness Habits
  • How to Create a Life of Meaning and Purpose
  • Improving Your Memory
  • Personal Effectiveness Tips
  • Taking Charge of Your Career

Gale Presents: Udemy includes these courses:

  • First Aid
  • Health Masterclass
  • How to Build Self-Discipline
  • Modern Productivity: Superhuman Focus in A Distracted World
  • Sit Less, Move More – Promote Posture,
  • Flexibility in the Office

Learn computer basics with EBRPL DigitalLearn available on-demand:

  • Accounts and Passwords
  • Getting Started on a Computer
  • Intro to Email
  • Online Health Information
  • Using a Mobile Device

Whatever your fitness level, there’s an exercise class for you in HiveClass:

  • Fitness: Cardiovascular Endurance
  • Gymnastics: Warmups
  • Mindfulness: Breathing
  • Self Defense: Workouts
  • Yoga: Stretching and restorative poses

Download one of these inspirational eBooks on Libby:

  • The 5 Resets by Dr. Aditi Nerurkar
  • And Then We Rise by Common
  • The Diary of a CEO by Steven Bartlett
  • The Life Brief by Bonnie Wan
  • Sisterhood Heals by Joy Harden Bradford
  • This Book May Save Your Life by Dr. Karan Rajan

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