EBRPL’s Senior Connection

Check out the Senior Connection – the new EBRP Library site for seniors! This is a site we’ve put together just for seniors – providing acess to information and services that are important to this large group of library patrons. Use Senior Connection to find a place to volunteer, learn a new craft or hobby, learn to type, find out how to prevent falls, exchange recipes, stay healthy…

Click on the link to the left and explore Senior Connection. It’s a great place to stay informed and continue learning!

2 thoughts on “EBRPL’s Senior Connection”

  1. Richard Andre

    I need a libary card, I am at the Guest House on Florida Blvd. I also need to be able to get Audio disk

    Richard Andre

    1. That’s fantastic! The EBRPL Bookmobile makes regular visits to The Guest House. You’ll be able to get a new library card and check out books on its next stop there. They can also help you put audio disks on hold, and they’ll bring them to you.

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