Civil Rights Videos on EBSCO

Patrons can access videos of civil rights speeches through the Video Encyclopedia of the 20th Century located in EBSCO’s Student Research Center

Examples include:

  • Harry Truman addressing the NAACP convention in 1947.
  • Martin Luther King Jr. addressing a crowd in Montgomery after their march from Selma.
  • Singer James Brown urging calm after King’s assassination.
  • Bobby Seale speaking to the Black Panthers.

Here’s how to find them:

  1. If you’re outside the library enter your library card number.
  2. From the database page, choose EBSCO.
  3. From the EBSCO Publishing Service Selection Page, choose Student Research Center.
  4. Under the search box in the middle of the page under the heading Include When Searching: are ten categories. Uncheck all of them except for Film and Video.
  5. Type the search term “civil rights” into the search box and click on Search.
  6. Explore the fascinating videos that appear in the search results.

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