Baton Rouge Oral History Project

The Baton Rouge Room archives, a special collection of the library, is launching a new oral history project. The purpose is to document first hand accounts of the experiences and lives of different generations in Baton Rouge. This will involve taking part in a recorded interview carried out by our archivist.

The first phase of the ongoing project is focused on stories from World War II and the Great Depression. If you or someone you know would be interested in sharing stories about their experiences during those times, please complete a pre-interview form and the archivist will arrange an interview. For more information call 389-4960 or email

If you’d like to visit the Baton Rouge Room archives they are located in the River Center Branch downtown, you can find out more by visiting the Baton Rouge Room InfoGuide. We also highly recommend taking a look at the Baton Rouge Digital Archive featuring photographs and other memories of our city and parish.

Pride Branch Library in the 1940s

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