February is National Pie Month

That’s right! It’s National Pie Month — and in order to properly celebrate that great American dessert, we must eat as much pie as we can!

To help you “get your pie on,” you can check out Pies, Pies & More Pies! by Viola Goren (call number: 641.8652 G666p). Try Tart Tatin, a classic French apple pie treatment that will knock your socks off. Or maybe you’d prefer Raspberry Pie with Lemon Creme Brulee? Whatever you choose, this book will provide you and your family with plenty of pie-filled days.

Another place to find great pie recipes is the National Pie Council’s recipe index. In it, you’ll find some pretty awesome pies. We like “Lime in the Coconut” Key Lime Pie and “Twisted Citrus Blackberry Pie.” If you make one of these, be sure to drop a piece by the Reference office.

But not all pies are sweet treats — there are some great savory pies out there too. Remember that childhood fave, Chicken Pot Pie? Or how about the foodie staple from the 80s, Quiche Lorraine? And don’t forget about the pie that made Natchitoches famous — the Meat Pie! Any of these pies are great for lunch or dinner and are a cinch to make. And who says you have to know how to bake to have a pie??? You can even find these pies in your local grocer’s freezer section. No excuses for lack of pie…

So whether you make ’em from scratch or take the easy, freezy way, make sure you celebrate National Pie Month with plenty of pies!

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