Advance Your Career with MOOCs

Are you looking to learn more about a subject in your field in order to advance your career? Or you simply want to learn more about a subject that catches your interest? MOOCs are Massive Open Online Courses that have become a popular approach to learning new subjects and skills. This seminar will introduce you to:

  • What MOOCs are
  • What different MOOCs are out there on the internet
  • How much they cost (many are free or inexpensive)
  • What degrees or certificates you can earn
  • How MOOCs can help advance your career

The seminar will be led by Rick Wright and Meagan Davenport of the Career Center. Join us at the Main Library on Goodwood next Thursday, February 13th, at 6 PM. Registration is required; please call 225-231-3733 or register online here.

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