Indie Author Project WINNERS!

We’re so thrilled to announce the winners of the 2019 Indie Author Project! This project was a collaborative effort with library systems across Louisiana, and we’re proud to have done our part to promote it to all of our library users. Both winners are available through our indie ebook platform Biblioboard. Read on to find out more!

Fiction Winner – Mediterranean Sunset by Yvette Canoura

When Fatima was growing up in the affluent neighborhood of Kalorama in Washington D.C., she never imagined that her father, an ambassador, would force her into an arranged marriage that would take her across the world. After graduating from college, Fatima is thrust into the bed of a ruthless military man with revenge on his mind. Away from family and friends in a foreign country, she gradually accepts her fate… until an encounter with a handsome doctor ignites feelings and desires that jeopardize her life as she is torn between a cruel husband and a forbidden liaison. Her choices will uncover secrets that will unravel a chain of events that will change her life forever.

YA Winner – Transfixed by A. Lonergan

Freya had always wanted an escape from her life. When her senior trip to New Orleans goes haywire, she finds her escape. Witches, fairies, and other realms await her in her new life. But so does a self centered man-child with lavender eyes and a smile that might break her.

Sterling has always had everything handed to him, never told no. When he meets Freya, the spitfire red head, he is in for a challenging surprise. Things find a way of turning his world upside down, and he pushes her until she’s gone. With destruction and chaos threatening his city, will he be able to get her back?

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