EBSCO’s Auto Repair Reference Center

EBSCO's Auto Repair Reference Center gives you online access to repair information, service bulletins, and wiring diagrams for thousands of vehicles. Whether you are rebuilding an entire engine or just changing your oil, Auto Repair Reference Center provides clear instructions to help you do the job — and has great illustrations too!

To access Auto Repair Reference Center:

  1. From the East Baton Rouge Parish Library homepage (http://www.ebr.lib.la.us/), log into our Online Databases. If you are logging in from outside of the library, you will need to enter your library card number.
  2. Under Statewide Databases, choose EBSCO.
  3. Choose Auto Repair Reference Center.
  4. Then choose the year, make and then model of the vehicle you are interested in. For example (1996, Chevrolet, Corsica, V6).
  5. The menu on the left expands as you choose sections. So if you are looking for a diagram of the fuel tank assembly, you choose Fuel System, Fuel Tank, Tank Assembly, Removal and Installation. You will find instructions and diagrams on how to remove and install the fuel tank.

You will also find an interactive Auto IQ demonstration. Video clips and audio help you understand different automobile topics, such as What does the vehicle speed sensor do and where might one be located?

Care and Repair Tips covers 33 topics on automotive care and maintenance, such as how to perform a tune-up or what to consider when towing a trailer.

The Troubleshooting section provides suggestions on what to check for when diagnosing car problems. For example, what to do when:

  • Your engine has a rotten egg odor when driving
  • Your steering wheel becomes stiff
  • Your brakes make a grinding noise

Best of all, Auto Repair Reference Center is updated regularly, so you can be sure that the information you find will be current.

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