We Now Subscribe to Footnote!

We are excited to announce that the library has added Footnote to our collection of database resources. Footnote is an absolute must for history buffs and makes for fascinating reading, created in partnership with the National Archives.

Footnote is an excellent resource offering one of the most unique collections of original historical documents and materials online. In many cases what you find here is unavailable anywhere else. 

Some of the highlights include:

The Internet’s largest World War II interactive collection.

The FBI collection of over 2 million documents.

Civil War Pension Files. 

You can access Footnote from home through our online database page.  Inside the library you can go straight to Footnote.com and you’ll be automatically logged in.  The library subscription means you get access to more features and premium images not available in the free web version.

Footnote also allows you to contribute to the site by uploading pictures, adding comments and stories. Share in the history and take a look today!

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