National Naval Aviation Museum

The National Naval Aviation Museum is a great place to visit if you’re passing through Pensacola, but if not they still have a strong online collection that is worth a look.

Exhibitions and Collections has descriptions of current exhibits with photographs along with Online Exhibits with some fantastic stories and insights. There is a huge database of digitized photographs and documents that you can search or browse.

The Aircraft on display section is a personal favorite with a complete listing of the aircraft at the museum. For most of these on the list you can open up a description of the aircraft along with history, interesting facts, photographs and technical information. It’s like an airplane library. (Unfortunately you can’t check any out!)

One thought on “National Naval Aviation Museum”

  1. Aviation museums are a great way to interest young people in aviation. As the current pilot ranks age, more and more opportunities arise for anyone interested in aviation.

    Aviation museums can serve a critical role in encouraging interest in aviation history, and pointing the way to the future.

    John M. White

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