Film Noir Foundation

The Film Noir Foundation is a non-profit organization working to promote and ensure the survival of films of the American film noir tradition, where all may not be as it seems. If you’re a fan of these films or a movie buff you’ll love this site.

There are informative articles covering movies and noir actors, audio interviews and a fascinating video archive. There are links to film festivals around the country and other web resources on film noir. Enjoy the site and watch out for the double-crossing femme fatale!

A noir classic book that we’re reading for the One Book One Community selection is The Maltese Falcon, pick up your copy of the book and join us for these great events. If you’d like to read more about film noir or watch a film noir movie, take a look at this large selection we have in the library catalog.

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  1. Thanks very much for the mention of our organization! We are supported by thousands of noir fans from around the globe, and we’ve been able to restore some very significant films in only a few short years of existence. It’s truly a grassroots movement that every film lover can be a part of.

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