Fold3 Genealogy Resource

Fold3_2011_logo_smallFold 3 is a relatively new addition to our Digital Library. This database is a great resource for genealogy researchers especially those searching for military records. You can access service records, draft cards, pension and casualty lists, and many other records.

Fold3 separates its records into several collections. Most records will be in the Fold3 Genealogy and Archives collection, but Fold3 also includes collections relating to African Americans, Native Americans, the Revolutionary War, World War II, and case files from the US Federal Bureau of Investigation. You can both browse and search individual collections. Even if you aren’t looking for military records, you will also find access to newspapers, civil service records, city directories, naturalization records, and many others that may help you in your family history search.

To learn more about the features of Fold3, consider taking a class at the Main Library at Goodwood. For class times, please check the Genealogy Infoguide or call 225-231-3751 to reserve your spot!

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