Be a Citizen Planner!

The Capital Region Planning Commission is working on a transportation plan for the next twenty-five years, but they need your help!

The transportation plan, MOVE 2042, will include every major transportation project that will be conducted in the city of Baton Rouge until 2042. This includes things like road widening, traffic management, bike and pedestrian safety, and public transportation development. (Yay!) If a project doesn’t make it into the plan, it will have to wait – and that’s where your input comes in. Check out the turn-out for the opening event:

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Add your thoughts by taking the Move 2042 survey! It’s short, comprehensive, and shows good use of color theory, as seen in the screenshot below:

The survey will be available until April something, so you’ve got some time to make your voice heard (and maybe make your commute a little easier). Let’s get going, Baton Rouge!

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