March Garden Discoveries

The Baton Rouge Botanic Garden Foundation will host a FREE Garden Discoveries series event,
“Creating a Bird-Friendly Yard,” at the Main Library at Goodwood on Saturday, March 9 at 10 a.m.,
led by Jane Patterson, an avid birder, amateur photographer, and Master Naturalist, who loves to share her knowledge of birds with others. When we think about bringing birds to our yards,
putting out bird feeders often comes to mind. And while feeders can be very effective, there are other ways to attract our feathered friends that will ensure a larger variety. This program will describe various types of bird feeders and bird houses, as well as water sources that benefit birds. Jane will also discuss gardening with birds in mind; offering plants that provide cover and nesting opportunities; and enticing food sources. Special focus will be given to the importance of using native plants in our home landscapes. Weather permitting, a tour will follow of the Baton Rouge Botanic Gardens adjacent to the Library. Registration is available at, or call 231- 3750 for registration assistance. Learn more at

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