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According to LSU Ag Center Family Economics Professor Dr. Jeannette Tucker, in 2004 teens worked 15 hours per week at $5.70 per hour for a weekly paycheck of more than $80, yet they spent $104 each week. Furthermore, Louisiana teens scored only 47.3 percent on a nationwide test of financial literacy…pair that figure with the notion that one in three teenagers carries a credit card, and even more have an ATM card.

Whether you’ve just signed your name onto your first piece of plastic or claim to have never left home without it, do you consider yourself to be financially literate? A Google search on “financial literacy” would yield results just as overwhelming as wading through the Library of Congress wherein all the books had been dumped onto the floor with random pages ripped out and peppered throughout the stacks. That’s why there’s EBSCO.

  • From the EBR Library home page (URL: http://www.ebr.lib.la.us), click Online Databases on the left navigation menu.
  • Click Enter on the next screen (Patrons outside the library must enter your full library card number first.).
  • Under Statewide Databases, click EBSCO; select EBSCOHost Web.
  • Let’s begin with a search for full-text articles about financial literacy.
  • In the blank text box, type “financial literacy” (place phrase in quotes).
  • Under Limit Your Results, click the check box next to Full Text.
  • Click Search.
  • Notice that there are 313 pages of results Let’s narrow this a bit more:
    • Under See all click “Periodicals” (reduces results to 247).
    • Under Narrow results, click FINANCE, Personal (reduces results to 61)
  • Scroll down to record #8 – “Improving the Financial Literacy and Practices of Youth” – click on this title.
  • This will display a brief record, including an article summary.
  • To view the full text of the article, click PDF Full Text.
  • If you want to read the article later, you may email it to yourself or a friend by clicking the E-mail link while you have the article opened.

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