Business Person of the Month:Martha Breckenridge

Martha Breckenridge


Bugs Away: The Outdoor Misting Insect Control System, LLC


Martha Breckenridge

“Live by principle and treat others how you’d like to be treated”  —Author Unknown

BugsAway offers home, camp and business owners a system to provide relief from mosquitoes and many other annoying pests, which allows them to enjoy their outdoor spaces. “Once this insect control system is installed around the perimeter of the chosen sites and begins misting our water-based insecticide, clients are able to reclaim their outdoor surroundings.”

Breckenridge heard about this system in May 2005 but didn’t start looking into it for her own personal use until February 2006. “I heard about this system, investigated it and took a leap of faith.” She formed her own company, BugsAway, The Outdoor Misting Insect Control System, LLC., in May 2006. Breckenridge feels that mosquitoes are a real problem especially for the Southern states of our nation. Our home state of Louisiana breeds mosquitoes like no other because of its warm and moist climate. We are now experiencing several new breeds of mosquitoes; some that are even resistant to cold weather. What was once a seasonal mosquito problem is rapidly becoming a year round problem.

Breckenridge was a stay-at-home mom for about sixteen years. When she returned to the workforce her first job was working for a local fine jewelry retailer. Before now, she has never worked an outdoors job. “I like working in the quiet outdoors and offering a product which really works to improve the quality of life for those who enjoy the outdoors.” Breckenridge is involved in every phase of the business. She manages the business and does whatever is necessary to get the system installed right. “I am even capable of installing and maintaining the system myself if my workers need a helping hand.”

Breckenridge is a gardener. In her spare time, she likes to do yard work and work on her house. Her favorite magazines include Louisiana Home and Garden and Southern Living. Books about gardening and interior design interest her, but she also likes to read spiritual books, self-help, biographies, mysteries, business and finance books and even the occasional John Grisham. She enjoys sports, cookouts, super bargain shopping, and most of all spending time with her three children and her recently born grandson.

A native of Baton Rouge, she would like to see our city progress to a point where both citizens and tourists can see how our tax dollars are spent. Our public servants should be well-paid and more of a presence in town. We need great public schools, parks and libraries, and clean and maintained surroundings. Breckenridge is in favor of severe littering penalties. “I see our city of Baton Rouge rapidly changing, and it would be nice to see people change their old bad habits of littering. A cleaner Baton Rouge would be more inviting and prettier and might become an example for other cities to follow.”

Breckenridge believes libraries are essential to our personal growth which in turn benefits our community. Our fine library system should continue to improve services and build on its successes. “I’m close friends with a couple of librarians and they are awesome.” Librarians, with their personal knowledge about many subjects, can direct us in our reading. “We must always have an open mind ready to learn something new, no matter how small and insignificant it may seem.”

The personal quote Breckenridge chose for the beginning of this profile is a compilation. “I heard a famous leader mention he worked by principle and it stuck with me.” The second half of the quote is a variation of the Golden Rule, which she learned at church as a child. Breckenridge says the two together just make good sense as a rule for living, and she tries to apply them in her personal life and her business.

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