The Green Guide

National Geographic maintains The Green Guide, a collection of eco-friendly articles, blogs, buying guides and tips.

The buying guides offer advice about purchasing products and what to look for, with shopping tips and comparison charts, not only with an eye toward price and durability, but also toward packaging, fuel efficiency, and carbon emissions.

A group of blogs provide fresh articles on a variety of eco-topics. Amy’s Green Kitchen has eco-friendly articles and seasonal recipes. DIY Diva offers posts such as “5 Ways to Reuse Newspaper” and making a DIY Swiffer. Other blogs include The Ecopolitan, Home Green Home, and Fresh Finds among others.

Among the tips and tools are carbon emission calculators for different appliances. There are also quizzes to test your knowledge about all things “green”. A series of short videos explains how to make your home more planet friendly. Printable “shopper’s cards” can help you to be more earth-conscious by providing a portable list of products and ingredients to look for or avoid when shopping.

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