International Year of Astronomy

International Year of Astronomy – Astronomy 2009

2009 is the International Year of Astronomy, commemorating the 400th year since Galileo first studied the heavens through a telescope and Johannes Kepler published Astronomia Nova. This site, Astronomy 2009, celebrates astronomy’s quadricentenary with scholarly works, astronomical news, and an assortment of projects both academic and “secular.”

If you’re looking for some star-related fun, check out the videos that are gathered here — one is a School House Rock-inspired overview of x-rays. Twitter fans can follow Astronomy2009 to keep up. If you’re big in the virtual environment, you can check out the Second Life Astonomy 2009 Island, an area in Second Life’s SciLands that is devoted to all things astronomical.

You can also use Astronomy 2009 to find information on how to begin stargazing – and even to connect to our local temple of the stars, the Highland Road Park Observatory

So plan to take a look at the stars and Astronomy 2009, and while you’re there, make sure you follow the site’s links to all the other fascinating astronomy webspaces. Keep looking up!

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