Screaming Mummies!

The contorted features of ancient mummies seem to tell of untold pain and horrible deaths. But did the real-life people suffer the agonies of torture, or are their disturbing visages the result of natural phenomena?

Screaming Mummies!

Screaming Mummies! provides answers and explanations. It is teeming with photos, reading suggestions, and online resources that give a well-rounded explanation about why these mummies look as if they have died at a moment of agony.

Links to “The Mandible (Lower Jaw)”, “Mouth Closure”, and “Human Decomposition After Death” provide in-depth explanations. And for the truly inquisitive, the section, Rigor Mortis for Dummies, offers links to several more online resources.

So get your creep on and visit the Screaming Mummies!

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