Add the Library to Your Browser

We have a new super cool way to access the library catalog called LibX. You can download a library catalog search box add-on to your Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer browser. (Unfortunately not available for Chrome or Safari yet)

Now instead of going through our homepage you can search the regular library catalog and our Overdrive catalog straight from your browser:

You can also open up multiple boxes to get more specific with your search:


The coolest feature is that if you’re on a booksellers website such as Barnes and Noble or Amazon, you can highlight the title or author, right click and search our catalog for it. It’s worth checking before you buy!


Simply go to the LibX download page and choose your browser. Follow the instructions and there you go! Once downloaded you can customize the features of the search box and choose whether to have the toolbar or not. We have published a new research guide LibX: Bringing the Library Catalog to Your Browser

If you have any questions or need help please call us at 231-3750.

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