3M Cloud Library eBooks

601375_200168760115256_249701980_nWe are very excited to announce the arrival of the 3M Cloud Library! The 3M Cloud Library is an eBooks-only service that offers titles we can’t get through Overdrive. It’s a supplemental service and we won’t be duplicating titles from our Overdrive collection.

To read 3M Cloud Library books you’ll need to download the app for the device that you would like to read books on. There are apps for PC, Mac, iPhone/iPad/iTouch, Android and Nook. If you have an eReader that can’t run one of those apps, then you download the book to your computer and transfer it to your device via USB.

Take a look at our 3M Cloud Library catalog and check out a book today with your library card. For more information including steps to getting set up and video tutorials visit our 3M Cloud Library InfoGuide.


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