Business Time

The Gale Virtual Reference Library  has been refreshed and updated with Brand New Titles for Brand New Businesses – and education, and art, and more!

We’re going to focus on business, though, because the closer we get to summer, the more our thoughts are turning to vacation possibilities, and two-week cruises through the Caribbean are not cheap.

One day. (dramatic sigh)


There are lots of options to choose from:

2016-03-29 10_34_39-Gale Virtual Reference Library - Basic Search

You can learn about everything from how to get and keep a job, how to get promoted, and how to make your money make you money. Nothing in this life gets a free ride; why should your bank account?

But that’s a lot of books. And I mean, books are great, obviously; it’s just hard to speed-read one to get some quick tips on confident public speaking before a big meeting. Thank glob for advanced search functions!

2016-03-29 16_07_29-Gale Virtual Reference Library - Advanced Search

And there you go. Easy bite-sized results right at your fingertips, perfect for cramming in your eyeballs on short notice.

Check out the new titles in the Gale Virtual Reference Library today!

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