Lynda 2k16

It’s never too late to start learning something new! With’s self-directed, pre-recorded classes, you can pick up a new skill whenever you darn well please. It’s free with your library card. You’ll also need an email address to set up your free account – that’s how Lynda helps you keep track of courses you’ve taken, and recommends classes you might be interested in. New classes are added frequently. Check out the ten most popular classes of the last month for some inspiration:

  1. CSS: Core Concepts
  2. Up and Running with C++
  3. Introducing the JavaScript Language
  4. AutoCAD 2016 Essential Training
  5. Foundations of Programming: Design Patterns
  6. SQL Server Reporting Services in Depth
  7. HTML Essential Training
    1. Strategic Planning Fundamentals
  8. Excel 2013: Data Validation in Depth
  9. Foundations of Programming: Object-Oriented Design
    1. Outlook 2010 Power Shortcuts
    2. PowerShell 3.0 for Administrators
  10. Learn QuickBooks Online: The Basics
    1. Excel 2013: Working with Charts and Graphs

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