Google Map Hack: Gmaps Pedometer

Ever wondered about the distance of your liesurely walk around Independence Park? Your afternoon bike ride through your neighborhood or your commute home? Check out this Google Map Hack: Gmaps Pedometer. Its great for plotting your routine daily walk, run, bike ride, or trek to the market. Here’s a way to find out the answer.

Q: What is the distance if you were to walk from the reference desk to the roadside sidewalk and all the way around Independence Park and back?

  • Visit Gmaps Pedometer:
  • In the box labeled ‘Jump to’, type “7711 Goodwood Blvd., Baton Rouge, LA”; select “zoom: 16” from the drop down menu; click “go”.
  • Switch to a topographical view of the map by clicking the “Topo” button (top left corner of the map). Now you see the library!
  • To begin plotting, click “start recording” (upper left of the screen).
  • To plot a point, simply double click—notice that the characteristic red push pin appears.
  • Once you are done with plotting and wish to save this search, simply click “save route“—this generates a URL for your trip.

A: Approximately 1.5298 mi. (see URL)

Note: The accuracy is more or less based upon your ability to carefully move and click the mouse and to patiently plot points along a curve.

Bonus: Turn on the calorie counter by simply clicking “on”.  While it does require that you enter your age, which is significant to calculating calories burned, it does not ask you to enter the level of intensity of your activity — a giveaway that it is not completely accurate. The name “Gmaps Pedometer” leads one to believe that this might be only accurate for a low intensity walk as opposed to a medium intensity bike ride or a high intensity run.

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