C-Span’s Not So Boring

While C-Span may be not always produce scintillating television, it has managed to produce a pretty cool website. Like its television progenitor, the site is heavy on content, but on the web you have the ability to pick and choose the content that most interests you and discover people and issues you might never have thought to explore. And there’s PLENTY of people and issues to explore!

Our favorites include:

Presidential Libraries
An exploration of the Presidential Library collections from Hoover through Clinton. Lots of old video and memorabilia — very cool.

Lincoln – 200 Years
Online version of C-Span’s ongoing Lincoln Bicentennial programming.

Booknotes (duh!!)
THE place for non-fiction junkies! Featuring 500 of the 800 author interviews from the show’s 16 year run. A great place to meet America’s contemporary scholars and thinkers.

If you can’t keep up with the current campaign ads and stump speeches, this site has them all, as well as many, many interviews with the candidates. A great resource for the still-undecided.

5 thoughts on “C-Span’s Not So Boring”

  1. Thanks for that awesome booknotes link! Booknotes is an incredible show that any non-fiction devotee ough to have on their radar.

    Library fun fact, Nancy Pearl, the model for the famous shushing librarian figurine, has ABSOLUTELY NO connection to Booknotes. None! It’s a library fact!

  2. I just started watching C-Span in the last week because it was actually kinda interesting. The fact that it happens to be our countries last true source of real news and alternate media. TODAY I go to change the channel to 29 which is my C-Span here in Chicago on COMCAST cable and the channel no longer exists. I’m just curious about the reason to why they removed it.

  3. Bill,

    According to the Comcast.com Channel Lineup for Chicago, C-Span might have been moved to Channel 98. Try it there. Or you can try calling Comcast at 1-800-266-2278.

    -Library Information Service

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