Job Seeking Classes @ the Library

There are three short library courses about using the Internet to apply for jobs being held at the Main library. Each class lasts about an hour, there is limited seating so arrive early on the day to guarentee a place. There is no pre-registration.

Writing A Resume: Wednesday May 27th 9:00am
This class shows you how to use a preformatted resume template on Microsoft Word to make your own personal resume. If you wish to save your work and take it with you, you must bring your own floppy or flash drive!

Getting an Email Address and Attaching a Resume: Thursday May 28th 9:00am
This class shows you how to create an email account and send your resume as an attachment.

Registering with Online Job Search Sites: Saturday May 30th 9:00am
This class shows you how to register with online job sites such as You have to have an email address already to take part in this class.

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