Waive It Wednesday

**The Final Waive It Wednesday is March 30 2011**

Have you heard about Waive it Wednesday?

It means no more waking up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night worrying about overdue library books, no more anxiously looking over your shoulder for librarians as you go about your daily life. You can clear your conscience painlessly!

On the last Wednesday of each month you can return your long overdue books, fine free, no questions asked! Woohoo!

3 thoughts on “Waive It Wednesday”

  1. Haven’t had an overdue item in a looooong time, but it’s good to know about this feature! Woohoo! indeed!

  2. Yea! Thank you EBR library. Although I use Library Elf, the library system was down and now I have quite a few books overdue. This will be a big help! Thanks again.

    Tanya, I sent myself an e-card set to arrive on Tues. before Waive Wednesday as a reminder.

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