National Jukebox

The National Jukebox is a new resource from the Library of Congress, with a mission to make historical sound recordings available to the public for free! At the launch of the site there are over 10,000 recordings already, dated between 1900-1929. The number of recordings and the time periods covered will be continually expanding.

Recordings are streamed through the website so no downloading or special software is required. One of the coolest aspects is that you can create your own playlists and you can even share it with friends.

You can browse or search for recordings by artist, title, genre and year. It’s not just music though, genres include spoken word, religious and comedy. There is of course a whole section devoted to yodeling, for all you yodel fans out there! Head over to the National Jukebox and check it out!

Photo by M.Markus Some Rights Reserved

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