After last week’s program on the genealogy of Huey P. Long, you probably want to look into your own family history. The library’s genealogy department can help, with free access to databases and online programs you can’t find anywhere else. (Well, you can find them. But they cost money.)

We’ve got your standard genealogy sites (those marked with an asterisk can only be accessed via library computers or on library wifi):

resources dedicated to the unique challenges of tracing African American ancestry (check out our earlier blog post for more information!):

and digital newspaper archives, which you can use to look up all the weird hijinks your relatives got up to once you find out who they were:

Not sure where to get started? Register for one of our genealogy classes, or get more information, by calling the genealogy department at (225) 231-3751.

Well, why not.

Check out the Long genealogy presentation on the One Book, One Community 2016 infoguide, in the “State History” tab!

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