Check Out a Living Book

The East Baton Rouge Parish Library’s (EBRPL) Human Library™ program, a success at the early April Ebb and Flow Festival, will open again Saturday, May 6, at the Main Library at Goodwood, from 1-5 PM.  The program allows “readers” to check out Living Books — that is, people who share the story of their lives, in a fascinating and thought-provoking one-on-one conversation. The event for adults aims to help expand understanding, present different perspectives, and challenge stereotypes through dialogue. The effort is led by EBRPL staff and is free to the public.

During the event, “book jackets” will be available for perusal at Main Library regarding Living Book titles,  including Dealing with PTSD from Post-9/11 Service at Ground Zero, Atheist in Louisiana, Raising an Interracial Family, Intersex Introvert Syncretist Polytheist, Muslim Immigrant, Trans Lesbian, and more. Participating “readers” of the Living Books are allotted 30 minutes to experience the Living Book(s) of their choice, as well as the opportunity to provide feedback.

Those wanting a “pre-taste” of the event can listen to the Baton Rouge Arts Council radio show April 23 interview, featuring three of the event’s organizers and two of Saturday’s Living Books, or read The Advocate’s article on the Human Library at the Ebb and Flow Fest. You can also keep an eye on the library’s Instagram or Facebook page for daily posts of selected book titles and blurbs. Let us know you’re coming, and invite your friends, through the event page!

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