Introducing Small Business Services @Your Library

Are you ready to start your own business? Get away from the daily grind and come to the library to learn about digital resources that can help turn your entrepreneurial dreams into a reality!

Just getting started? Check out our small business infoguide for a quick guide to all our resources, and then head to Gale Small Business Builder to work on your business plan. With Gale Small Business Builder, you can enter in your goals, your target audience, and even do preliminary market research. You’ll also be able to set up financial records and track your growth.

Ready to get a little bigger? You can learn pretty much anything business-y through the Gale Small Business Resource Center, which has explanations on everything from taxes to handling human resources issues. Mergent Intellect and Reference USA are great resources for marketing research – find out where your clients are, and how to go get them! Or just teach yourself online with ebooks and videos from Safari Tech Books or the Small Business Reference Center.

Don’t want to leave your business to come to us? Our new business librarian will come to you! Contact us at or by calling (225) 231-3750 to set up a consultation at your convenience.

It’s the library, so you KNOW it’s free – and that’s just good business sense.

3 thoughts on “Introducing Small Business Services @Your Library”

  1. Hello from Young Entrepreneurs Academy of Baton Rouge.

    Our website has a page for Baton Rouge area business resources, and we’d like to list “Small Business Resources @Your Library” as a resource, including the EBR Parish Library Logo, the first paragraph from your page (above), and a link to your page.

    To give you an idea of how other resources are similarly listed, please visit our resources page:

    Would you please approve our reference to your page?

    Michael Roth, Vice Chair
    Young Entrepreneurs Academy of Baton Rouge

      1. My name is Carrollannia I’m looking to start a mobile food truck busniess. I’m in the start up phase, I already have my business plan for the food truck. I would like to meet or talk with someone to see what programs or resources are available. I would like to get information on this industry and resource that can help with startup. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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