10 Reasons to Have the Library Information Service on Speed Dial

Here are ten reasons to have the Library Information Service’s phone number, (225) 231-3750, on your speed dial.

Get directions when you’re lost

You’re on the road and the address is on 12689 Florida Blvd, but where the heck is that? Call the library and find out it’s between Sherwood and Flannery.

Find a phone number

You can’t remember the name of that car stereo place near the corner of Airline and Cedarcrest, so you can’t call Directory Assistance. The library can go that extra step to help you puzzle it out and then to find the phone number.

Settle an argument

Your friend Steve says that Sammy Sosa hit 54 home runs in 2001 but you are sure it was 64! Call the library and learn it was 64. The next round is on Steve.

You just can’t remember who wrote “Trout Fishing in America” even though you read it (albeit 10 years ago). Call the library before you rub your head raw. The library tells you that it was Richard Brautigan.

Be a better shopper

At a car lot, you can call quickly for NADA quotes.

At an electronics store, you can call for Consumer Reports Best Buys selections.

Stock up your book queue

You’re listening to the radio or to your favorite podcast and you hear a review of a book. Call the library immediately and they will hold it for you. If it’s all checked out, you can get on the reserve list and then the library will call you when its ready for you to pick up.

Stock quotes

Where did Evergreen Solar close today? Is that up or down?

Did oil go up again?

Recipe consultation

What’s a good ratio of vinegar to oil for a classic vinaigrette?

You’ve got an 18 pound turkey. How long and at what temperature should you cook it?

What in the world is in Watergate Salad?

When a dictionary isn’t handy

You’ve already settled into your hammock with a good book, and with only an iced tea and a cell phone nearby, when you run into the word “adamantine”. Call for a quick definition (having the hardness or luster of a diamond).

How do you spell Mediterranean?

Out on the town

The movie you wanted to see is sold out. Call the library to see if any of the other movies is a New York Times Critic’s Choice.

Call to see when and where a movie is playing.

Call to find out if a restaurant received a good review in the paper.

Things to do

You’re stuck in Yuma for the next day and a half. Find out what there is to do in Yuma.

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