Business Person of the Month: Gabby Loubiere

Gabby Loubiere always dreamed of owning a small grill or bar where people would gather. But not wanting the hassle of serving alcohol or all the cooking involved with a grill, a coffee shop seemed ideal to her. The original plan was a 50/50 business arrangement with a friend, but "at the last moment the friend bailed." The Feltzers, who owned the shopping center then, really wanted a coffee shop there. They encouraged Loubiere to open up as sole owner. She feels this was the best thing that could have happened. When the store became vacant, her stepfather came in to oversee the remodeling. They pulled everything off the walls and started over. She likes being sole owner and having the freedom to make changes as she sees fit. She recently repainted the interior in only three days. "I honestly don't drink much coffee, no more than one or two a day; I was just born with a ton of energy."

The company description of Brew Ha-Ha! is Coffee, Teas and More. And yes, the punctuation is part of the official logo. They feature a large variety of coffees, teas and additives plus a lot of homemade sweets. "The desserts sell pretty quickly; my Double Chocolate Walnut Bars is the customers' favorite followed closely by my homemade Banana Pudding and Mississippi Mud Pie."
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