Hurricane Hotline

Hurricane season is upon us again — and everyone in the Parish knows that the best place to track conditions and stay abreast of developments is the Library’s Hurricane Hotline.

Hurricane Hotline has links to the lastest forecasts and up-to-the-minute information on hurricane activity in the Atlantic and Caribbean. The site also contains hurricane preparation lists, evacuation route information, links to books and videos in our catalog, and much more.

And for those grumpy hours in the car trying to get out of harm’s way — there are hurricane games and extreme weather trivia quizzes!

But seriously, Hurricane Hotline is an invaluable resource that consolidates important storm information produced by an uncountable number of agencies. You’ll find the local resources you need when a hurricane’s coming, and you’ll find the state and national resources you need if disaster strikes.

So be prepared for hurricane season 2008 (June 1 – Nov. 30). Visit Hurricane Hotline and make it your hurricane season home page.

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