Business Person of the Month: Rosalind Thomas

Rosalind Thomas

Rosalind Thomas thinks most people should be able to find their style at her clothing store, Roxxanne’s. With attire for all occasions, Roxxanne’s can satisfy the need for something skimpy and sexy; no-nonsense business attire; elegant formalwear; or that fashion staple, blue jeans.  At the moment current brand name clothing dominates, but Thomas wants to acquire more of the retro and vintage items (often with original store tags on them.) Her vision is for the shop to be half modern fashion, half vintage. Though she caters mostly to women, Roxxanne’s does have some men’s fashion.

Thomas has been in the clothing business off and on for over 30 years. Her first foray into small business ownership was a booth called Rags to Riches in the flea market on Florida Boulevard.  Then she opened a store named The Real Roxxanne, which lasted about eight years and grew to two locations–downtown as well as on Highland Road near the LSU campus.   People continue to call her Roxxanne (often prefaced by the words “the real”) so she stuck with that name for her newest business. Read More…

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