Ellis Island and the Immigrant Experience

Ellis Island was the arrival point for over 12 million immigrants and is rich in history and genealogical significance. Take a look at this Ellis Island website, which includes photographs, tons of information and  fully searchable passenger lists by name and by the ship they arrived on.  You can read of immigrant experiences and learn the history of the facility. This is a really interesting site and worth a visit.


One thought on “Ellis Island and the Immigrant Experience”

  1. The website you posted as the official Ellis Island website, is not. The official site is http://www.nps.gov/elis. The website you posted is one of the fundraising partners of the National Park Service who have raised the funds to restore the Statue of Liberty and the Ellis Island Immigration Museum. Most of the island is still unrestored with the exception of the Ferry Building which opened in 2007and was closed to the public since the mid 50’s. Save Ellis Island is the official fundraising partner of the NPS to restore the remaining 29 buildings which will become the Ellis Island Institute. I think your readers might appreciate knowing that bit of information. You can find updated information like that on the park service website listed above of on http://www.saveellisisland.org
    Thank youfor posting the beautiful shot of the Immigration Museum; however, that sits on only 3 acres of the 27 owned by the federal government.
    Thank you.

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