Google Art Project

The Google Art Project is an absorbing site that provides access to art collections around the world. There are three main options to access the art, either by museum/gallery, artist or by individual piece.

Currently there are 155 collections and over 32,000 artworks (and rising). Museums featured include The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and the Musée d’Orsay (Paris). For some museums you can even take a virtual tour, similar to the street view feature used on Google Maps.

The images are very high quality and the zoom viewing options reveal the intricate details of each piece. If you have a Google account you can create your own personalized collection from those on the site. For each piece of artwork there is a ‘details’ button that provides information about and its history, often including video presentations from the gallery that hosts the art. It is very easy to spend lots of time on this engrossing site.

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