Calling All Makers

That’s right, friends and acquaintances (just kidding, you’re all our besties). It’s Maker Faire Time Again.


Do you build stuff? Design stuff that gets 3D printed? Knit stuff? Wrap wire around stuff? Paint stuff? Program computers to make stuff be on fire at very specifically controlled times? (We basically had flamethrowers last year, y’all, it was awesome.) This is your time to shine – possibly literally, if you’re making something with LEDs.

Check out Baton Rouge Mini Maker Faire for more information on the kinds of spaces we have available for you to showcase the last year’s worth of designs. You can have a booth! You can lead a workshop! You can give a presentation! You can sell stuff, as long as you’re willing to give the public all the tasty, tasty secrets about how it was made!

Submissions are open until August 31st. Apply today!

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