CultureGrams is a really great resource for learning about other countries – not just their physical geography, but their social and cultural landscape, too.

You can navigate through four editions: World, which focuses on countries; Kids, which is targeted towards children; States, which breaks down the United States of America; and Provinces, which does the same for Canada.

2016-06-07 09_53_04-CultureGrams Online Database

Clicking on each edition will bring you to a simple map like the one below.

2016-06-07 09_56_20-CultureGrams Online Database _ World Edition_ Home Page

You click on a continent, or choose from a list below this picture, and get a list of countries. Let’s look at Brazil:

2016-06-07 09_57_42-CultureGrams Online Database _ World Edition_ Brazil

This is just a fraction of the information provided. You can learn about every country’s background, population, customs and courtesies, lifestyle, and society. The best part is that the available countries more closely match the real-life divisions in those areas – some may have a “general use” name, used by the people in that country and neighboring areas, as well as an “official” name recognized by larger governing bodies.

Summer is the time to travel – unless you’ve got no money, in which case summer is the time to think wistfully about how nice traveling might be while you stare out the nearest window and sigh becomingly. (Maybe summer is just the season to try to be a character in a Jane Austen novel.) CultureGrams can help you learn about wherever you’re going, or help you pick a place to save up for.

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