June is Read GLBT Books Month

It’s Pride Month, y’all! Stop by the library to stock up on novels, documentaries, memoirs, flicks, and everything else you could possibly want to immerse yourself in to celebrate your community and the people you love.

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Not sure where to start? ALA’s GLBT round table has a couple of great book lists: Rainbow Books for kids and teens, and Over the Rainbow Books for adults. The Stonewall Book Awards list is another great resource. You can also keep an eye on Tumblrs like We Need Diverse Books, which regularly posts curated lists of books that contain characters belonging to various minority groups, and Book Riot, which, while less focused, posts similar lists from time to time. Of course, all of that ends up on our own Tumblr account, so you could definitely just follow us instead (if you aren’t already).

Wondering about what the library already has? Check out the LGBTQ Infoguide, which, while not comprehensive (we’ve got like two million items in our total collection), contains lists of adult and teen fiction and non-fiction, as well as graphic novels, movies, documentaries, and electronic resources for parents, youth, and everyone in between. You can also find links to local community organizations like Capital City Alliance and the Unitarian Church of Baton Rouge. If you’re interested in local history, stop by the Baton Rouge Room in the Main Library and check out our Krewe of Apollo collection!

We’re also having a ReadOut of the book George by Alex Gino. If you would like to participate in reading this book aloud with a group, or if you’d just like to come along and be read to, it’s happening Thursday, June 30th, from 3-9PM, at the Main Library.

Libraries are safe spaces. If you or someone you love needs help or additional information on LGBTQ+ issues or other sensitive topics, or if you just want a recommendation for a book with a happy ending for once, your local librarians are discreet, informed, and truly, truly care. This is an extremely difficult time for many members of our community. We are here to help you, no matter who you are.

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