Disaster Preparedness

Hurricane season seems to be kicking off a little more energetically than any of us want, so let’s go over some disaster preparedness resources!

  • The National Hurricane Center’s website is a great resource for lists of what to have on hand in a disaster and how to make sure you’re ready for anything. Check it out! (“Snacks” don’t get their own category, but it can’t hurt!)
  • Red Stick Ready, the Facebook page of the Mayor’s Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, will keep you informed of weather events and local resources as they happen or become available. (Baton Rouge is one of only two cities in Louisiana to be certified “Storm Ready” by the National Weather Service!)
  • The library’s Hurricane Resources infoguide has lots of information on what to do to prepare for a storm, as well as what to do should your home be affected. (Tropical Storm Cindy isn’t a hurricane and is not likely to become one, though – phew!)

Stay safe! Stay dry! We’re open today for all your entertainment and information needs, especially via the Digital Library, which never closes!

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