Red Stick @ Home

Special Collections invites you to contribute your pictures, videos, and audio to the Red Stick @ Home Exhibit.  We want to see how your life has changed since the Stay at Home Order was put into effect.  Have you picked up a new hobby? Do you wear a mask to the grocery store? Are you working from home? What kinds of activities are the kids into? Fill out this simple submission form, and an archivist with approve the content to be uploaded to the exhibit. To donate physical materials, please contact Special Collections at (225) 231-3752 for information.

Here are some ways you can contribute to this project:

  1. Create a journal or personal narrative: This can be handwritten, digital, or video.  The journal/personal narrative should address how the stay-at-home order has effected your normal routine.  Here are some topics to focus on:
    • How are you and your close ones implementing social distancing
    • Using face masks and other personal hygiene practices
    • Activities to occupy the time
    • Employment situation
    • Schooling
    • Generally how your schedule has changed
  2. Take photographs or videos: Photographs and videos can be captured using your smartphone or tablet devices.  From these, you can create digital or physical photo albums or scrapbooks. 
  3. Create art, music, or writings related to the pandemic: This can be analog or digital art forms.
  4. Use the hashtag #RedStickatHome when you post on your public Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts: Private posts and accounts will not be collected.
  5. Set aside items for a Covid-19 time capsule: If you create a time capsule be sure to register it with the Library so future generations will know where to find it and when it should be opened.
  6. Gather any letters and emails you’ve sent or received during this time period that reflect how you and others have dealt with isolation: These can be either analog or digital items.

The East Baton Rouge Parish Library thanks you for your contributions!

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